Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another quilt

I designed and made this in 2008/2009.

It was meant to be a quickie wedding gift for a co-worker. I let her choose colors - figuring that it might be a challenge to work in colors I didn't choose.  She wanted brown, peach and yellow.  I don't do brown.  So...

I found a fabric that I could tolerate and then spent a great deal of time wondering what I would want to do with it.  Somehow, it cried out to be turned into medallions.  Once the first one was made I was hooked.  I think they look like dream catchers, so adding the turquoise was an easy jump.  The rest is history.

The problem with making a quilt that has been the result of inspiration is that it takes a very long time and is very difficult to hand over.  She did get the quilt - before her first wedding anniversary - I'm not saying more than that.

This quilt taught me that I could take something that felt impossible and make it into something that was uniquely mine.

On my "someday" list may be a full size version of this quilt - I have enough designs for it lying around.

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