Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm finally doing this

Sooo - I've been on a five year plan for about seven years now to become more invested in my creative process.  I've finally finished with the - "gee I wish I could be an artist" stage and have realized that anyone who wishes to define themselves as an artist can do so...and that my artistic vision does not have to measure up to or match that of anyone else.

About three years ago I realized that in order to do the things I could see myself doing,  I needed to stop procrastinating, looking at the work others were doing and wishing I were that skilled.  What I really needed was... [you've heard this before] practice, practice, practice. With the encouragement of my daughter, a beautifully talented artist, and the guidance of a wonderful teacher, I have managed to bring myself to the point of feeling competent in my chosen field of expression. Leah Day and other bloggers been a great source of inspiration - bless you.

My biggest problem is that of time, time, time and time.  I work full time and return home exhausted every day.  I fight to find time to sit in my "studio" and realize a small percentage of the myriad ideas that crowd my head.

I envision this blog as a way that I can share some of my process (and some of the results) as I continue to grow.

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