Monday, February 14, 2011

Creativity Sucks

I am working on a design for  Leah Day's Transformation Quilt Challenge.  Leah has challenged us to create a small quilt with the theme of transformation - "the art of challenge and change" - Just settling on a design might qualify by itself.  The other requirement is that the quilt encompass at least 5 of her quilting designs.

My concept is a simple one - a sprouted acorn that will be shadowed by the tree that it will become.

I have been obsessed. Each version is a variation on the one before.  I like the ideas that I am having, but haven't gotten it right yet.  One of the things that makes me nuts is that I could happily make ten versions of the original idea and be happy enough with the direction that each has taken and, at the same time, be unhappy with them all.

I am also learning a new paint program at the same time - which makes everything harder for now.  I've found a few bugs that are making me nuts - what I don't know is if the bugs are in me or in the program.

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