Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm pretty proud of this. It is created with Painter 11, the new program I'm trying.  I'm finding that I like it enough to buy it once the trial period is over.  I'm having a small problem that I hope I can overcome where the program is erasing instead of painting and will not allow me to paint over the erased area.  (see the triangular void at the top of the flower in the back.)  

In other matters - I've been thinking about the concept of being entitled (Thank you Azure).  Not entitled in the usual sense - where you think you deserve to be treated better than everyone else in the entire world.  I struggle with being able to think of myself as being entitled to the things that anyone else is. I am tired of only allowing myself the scraps.

Though it seems like it would be very easy to overcome - it is being very, very difficult for me. I won't go into the reasons why I got here - That part I'm very clear about.  It is the self-doubt and second guessing that I am trying to notice and act on.  My increasing self-confidence as an artist is really helping me to feel more confident in my ability to trust my judgement.

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